Best Ways To Make Use Of Square Photo Prints

You must have seen and probably saved too, a number of pins including Square Photo Prints on Pinterest where individuals flaunt their ravishing photo journals, photo walls or collections.

All things considered, it's a great opportunity to try out your saved pins! Recapture’s Square photo prints are the perfect way to get your preferred pictures printed; play around with the sizes (set of 12, set of 24 and set of 36 prints) and make your own "Pinterest Board"! Printed on high caliber, imported card paper, these prints can be used as is, with no hassles!

Here's how you can utilize Square Photo Prints for your creative needs:

1. Decorate Your Work Desk

Customize your work-desk area with square photo prints of your trips, friends, family, celebrations. Essentially, anything to help you to remember the good and cheerful times. And if you want to add little stories to every one of your photos, check out at our Signatures product range and read Best approaches to utilize Signatures!

A tedious work desk changed into a personal corner, using small square photo prints..

2.  Interactive & Fun Journal

Do you maintain a journal? Now make it more fun and interactive by including small square photograph prints of what you are composing with mini squares. Even if you are not much of a writer, you can even make a photo journal for yourself.

Add a personal touch to your journey by getting Photo Prints online.

3. Time Travel Clock

Let’s discuss taking personalization to a higher level. Indeed, how does a wall clock with photos of all your family members sound?

Make a clock with your photo prints and for it to begin ticking simply order a clock machine online and travel back in time whenever you check the time! This will also remind you that your friends, family and loved ones will be by your side, "all the time".

Use Square photo printing application to create a personalised Family clock.

4. The Most Talkative Greeting Card

The photo speaks a thousand words. What's more, what happens when you add these photos to a greeting card? It turns into the most talkative greeting card!