In the era of Instagram, we sure make our feeds look aesthetic and appealing, but what about your real life feed, is that as beautiful? There is no doubt that we all like pictures, of us and any beautiful entity we come around that can be captured, so here are some ways for all you people out there trying to get some simple yet beautiful inspirations on how to decorate your personal space.

A little light never hurt anyone!

Get your own collection of memories that light you up in some polaroid prints, get yourselves LED or fairy lights from Amazon, and some wooden clips and there your space just looks 10x better, and now every time you stare at the wall, you’ve got yourself a view. 

Add serenity to your workspace!

How many of us are guilty of scrolling through Instagram every time we get bored of working or studying and then not stop until an hour passes by?

Well this is for those people, adding some cool colors like blue to your workspace can help keep you from divulging too much and helps improve productivity, and well it looks so nice. So revamp your workspace with some low maintenance plants and cool colors to have a feel good study/ work session. 

Frame your Insta feed 

Now you don’t need to touch your phone to look at your beautiful feed anymore, or maybe you can create one specially for your room. 

All you need is a few pictures that blend well with each other and your room’s ambience and a classic looking frame, and you’re good to go. You can now also post this on your Instagram, bonus!

Framed Picture and Print
Take the framed dog paw print craft a notch up by including a picture of your pup! Create a collage of sorts with the cutest photo of your naughty munchkin alongside his personal artwork (paw prints).

Upload to ReCapture and we shall get you the photo frame of your dreams!

Source: The Doeblerghini Bunch