• Brighten your images - Since images are darker when they are printed, it is advisable to use editing software to increase the brightness of the image before you sent them in for printing. If you're using your smartphone, you can use Snapseed, which is a google editing app. It is available both on Playstore and apple’s App Store. If you're on a Mac, apple’s native editing tool photos also does a great job. You can also use online tools for editing your photos. https://www.befunky.com/features/photo-editor/ is a good one.
  1. Avoid Photo compression - Whatsapp, Instagram and other social media platforms all compress images when you upload images onto their server. Never use Social media sent images for printing, they will be compressed for web-view only and will definitely result in lower-quality prints. You can use google drive, gmail, dropbox and other sharing platforms.

  • Cropping images - You will need to crop your images in the aspect ratio of the prints you want to get them printed. Always choose reputed tools for cropping your image. On your smartphone you can use Snapseed, On a desktop you can use apps like photoshop that are meant for photo editing and even the native app for Mac’s photos does a good job with the same. On our site we have a built in cropping tool that does not hamper the quality of your images when you send them over for printing. 


Here are some product-specific tips.

  • Square prints/ polaroid prints/ magnets/ retro photo magnets - These prints when printed have a glossy look to them. You would need to crop your images in the 1:1 format and increase the brightness of your image by about 15-20%. Also photos shot in portrait work well for these prints and both smartphone and professional camera photos work great with these prints

  • Photo posters - You would need to use our in-house cropping tool on our website for these. They would require you to edit the image to brighten the image by 20% and its advisable to use professional camera photos for these. Both portrait and landscape photos work great with these prints.

  • Giant photo frames and Giant photo strips - Images used in these prints need to cropped in 1:1 format and brightness needs to be increased by 20%. Photos shot in Portrait work well these prints and it is advisable to use professional camera photos for these.