Your puppy is the love of your life and the life of your family? It isn’t uncommon that pets often become the subject of artwork. But instead of just taking a photo of Max and  framing it, check out these easy DIY projects that incorporate paw prints. It involves your pet in a deeply personal way, resulting in higher sentimental value and more memorable products.

Note: You can read the detailed process description of the projects in the source links.

Paw Print Poster
If you believe your dog is the next Picasso, then this project is just simply perfect for you two. All you need is paint and white paper but final piece is going to be a huge hit. Dip your dog’s paw in paint and let him roam over the white paper. The scattered paw prints become modern artwork that will fit in with any décor.

You could send us a photo of the result and we at ReCapture can help you convert it to canvas art or poster art befitting your lovely home! Tip: Use non-toxic paints that are pet friendly.

The Hand Print Plank
Get the full family in on this project – both, the furry and human members. Dip your hands (or paw) in paint and imprint on a plank of wood or canvas. Make sure to use different and bright colours. Write names under each hand or paw print for additional personalization. Let it sun dry and put it up on the shelf or hang it with wires!

Framed Paw Prints
For a sophisticated piece of artwork appropriate for anypre-existing home décor, these framed prints are your best bet. Simply put one print of your pet’s paw on card paper and frame it. If you have multiple fur babies, combine their prints on the same paper and write their names under each.

Alternatively, you could click a picture of the art and send it to us at ReCapture for a finished frame!

Framed Picture and Print
Take the framed dog paw print craft a notch up by including a picture of your pup! Create a collage of sorts with the cutest photo of your naughty munchkin alongside his personal artwork (paw prints).

Upload to ReCapture and we shall get you the photo frame of your dreams!

Source: The Doeblerghini Bunch