Keeping Your Photos Organised in 2020

Today we live in the times where daily ceremonies incorporate clicking a photo before entering, celebrating walking, eating, jumping and everything. It is the new dis-genetical habit some social lovers have guzzled #DiditFortheGram. While some simply click single photos to mark the memory and others try not to take the pressure.

Capturing the moment is the most significant, daily ritual. We are relieved after having numerous shots.

It has been seen that on average people clicks 3650 photos every year. Individuals definitely are well known by now with the fact of preserving memories & living life, all gratitude to the simplicity of clicking photos, however having a sorted out gallery is difficult to maintain. The best tip for you in this blog is to Segregate Photos with Categories. Make categories to fit the photos with name records. Be explicit with the name. It's fun, organized and clean. In this way, you know what is significant for you to Print.

 Major Categories for you to organize your Gallery Right Away & Print right


All the photos from your family celebrations, common birthdays, friend’s parties and unrehearsed celebrations can be cast here. A Photobook of your celebrations file will make a joyous read when you are alone. Pick a celebration cover.


Add all the pictures of weddings that you visited. Make great gifts with Photo Magnets, Fine Art Prints and Large Prints.


If you are someone who likes to capture the sky or the sunset and more of roads, metros, individuals shots.

This portion should have photos that don't qualify for work areas, foods, selfies. 

Print card stock prints with your mobile and DSLR shots. Save the best one for FRAMED PRINTS and POLAROID PRINTS.


This is your basket of all your Birthday photographs. Give yourself some affection. "A 220 gsm high-quality paper card & 13*19 Inches with a white background poster for every one of your birthday celebrations till you grow old. "



The moonlight sparkles more brilliant when I am on my Dinner dates. 

A charming photo magnet and Photo strips: 9” x 36”, and each photo: 8.5” x 8.5” would be incredible to recollect happy evenings.


Sundays are extraordinary with friends and family. If you are someone who benefits as much as possible from every Sunday, this is your opportunity to make a masterpiece. Include your best Sunday times, card games, family hogs and UNO times.


If you travel as often as possible, you should have individual travel folders for each excursion. If you are someone who travels less or clicks less photos on trips make this compulsory Travel folder.

Travelling makes a person understand the excellence of soul richness and boundless limits. Make and treasure your traveling moments while you can. 

Print your travel stories with a wide scope of Fine Art Prints & Framed Prints.


The uncountable photos are with these jerks throughout our life whom we call friends. Celebrate the essence of companionship by including all your selfies, late-night marine drives, pranks, rooftop DJs and barbeques. Make a GAL GANG and BOI SQUAD for more details. Print Square Prints for huge amounts of friends’ memories.


Add all your solo selfies here. #Metime. Print your selfies as Fridge Magnets.


The one for all your favorite Instagram lines & Inspiration.


Offer flares to your energy and wings to your desires. 

If you love home decor, jewelry, fashion, ceramics, handcrafts things – save them here. We usually take a lot of screenshots of our dreams and the things we love. This one is for those "things."

Screenshots take a lot of our gallery space, you can organize it into the following fun sections – Work, Memes, Passwords & Bank Statements(Confidential), Content for IG/WhatsApp stories and Chats.

We hope currently having an organized camera roll in 2020 will be pretty darn simple for you. Printing creations stand best with reasonable photos. By categorizing you save all the time you search for best photos for printing