Do you have a wedding coming up, and as of now looking for thoughts to make it unique, personal, and unforgettable? If so, perhaps you'll be keen on utilizing retro prints as your wedding props, particularly in case you're the sort of individual who's excited about recording your journey and regular moments.



You may ponder, why retro prints? Here are only a couple of reasons why using retro prints for your wedding props is a smart thought: 


  • They're reasonable and simple to make.

  • It's a simple method to personalise your wedding.

  • You can use any photos that mean a great deal to you, which could well be from years prior.

  • They're flexible and can be utilized for any sort of prop.

  • You can use them to share your story and journey as a couple with your family and friends.

  • So what would you be able to make from retro prints? We have got a list of ideas for you.


1. Save-the-date card

A save-the-date card is generally very straightforward, and retro prints are a perfect choice. Pick your preferred couple photo with your other half, and make retro prints with your wedding date to advise your friends and family. Simple peasy.

Image: Kamp Photography via Style Me Pretty

2. Cake topper

In pretty much every wedding, the cake toppers would be figurines of the bride and groom, or the customized Mr. and Mrs (followed by surname). Make yours stand apart by using a retro print(s) of you and your accomplice. It can be a photo of you both or individual photos of you ‘facing one another'. Use a place cardholder to place it on your cake.

Image: Shang Chen Photo via Style Me Pretty


3. Centerpieces

Individuals usually go with the traditional route for highlights with candles, flowers and ornaments. Make it fun and add a twist to your centerpieces by including a retro print or few.

The photos to use for the highlights rely upon what you name the tables. You can use numbers, or you can be innovative and add personal details or stories to name the tables. A couple of thoughts:

  • Your preferred nations or urban areas for the occasion.
  • Melody names or lyrics
  • Memorable spots that mean something to you (for example, where you went on a first date, where he/she proposed, and so on.)
  • Your preferred dishes or restaurants
  • Book or film characters
  • Colors

And many more! When you have the names for the tables, begin diving into your collection of photos to make these unique retro focal points.

Image: Elizabeth Anne Designs

4. Buntings

Retro buntings are decorative pieces for your wedding that can also fill in as a showcase of your journey. From childhood snaps and occasion photos to the momentous occasions in your relationship, you can carry these old recollections to your wedding with a string of your most loved photos. Use pegs to clip the retro prints to a string, and voila!

Image: Chris Barber Photography via Rock My Wedding

5. Table plan

Table arrangement, or seating chart, is another fun approach to use retro prints. Have a major board with retro prints of your visitors' appearances, and let them search for their faces to find/search their seats. The slogan find your face to find your place' is somewhat appealing, right? 

Tip: If you don't have a clue where to begin assembling these visitors' photos, Facebook is an extraordinary source.


Image: Bears Collective via Whimsical Wonderland Weddings

6. Place cards

Following the table arrangement, you can likewise use retro prints for the place cards. As a rule, place cards would just include the names of the visitor, yet this is the place you set out to appear as something else. Make retro prints of your visitors and compose their names on the print, before setting it at their seat on the table. By the day's end, this will be something nice your visitors/guests could keep for themselves.

Image: Lisa Dawn Photography via Rock My Wedding

7. Thank you cards

At the point when the wedding is finished, you can still utilize retro prints for notes to say thanks. Simply pick the best photo from the wedding for your notes to say thanks, get a print, and compose your thank-you messages on the back before sending them off.

Image: Marty McColgan

Create your own retro prints online for your wedding!